Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buidling Repairs...You be the Judge

One of the intentions of this blog is to get customer feedback on what is happening at the library. Recently we have gone through a process to prioritize our building maintenance and repair issues. Here is how we ranked our projects.

Facility Item Score

Front Steps 4.86
Parking Lot lights 4.57
Restructure A/V Department 4.48
Upgrade lighting in Meeting Room 4.47
Update Meeting room A/V and Data 4.40
Public Furniture replacement 4.28
Repair surface and lighting of portico 4.26
New Carpeting throughout 4.21
Resurface/stripe Parking Lot 4.19
Roof Repair 4.19
Redesign Reference Desk and Public PCs 4.16
Update Conference room A/V 4.12
Roof Replacement 4.09
Remodel Meeting room walls 3.69
Create Offices in Circ and PR 3.09
Re-point exterior brick 3.09
Furniture in the Staff lounge 3.07
Flooring in the Staff lounge 2.97
Refinish Woodwork 2.76
Restore Children's Room Garden 2.50

With limited funds available, how would you rank projects that the library should be taking on to keep our building maintained and attractive? Are there other items you have noticed that need repaired?

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EPDM said...

Very interesting way for chanalizing it among the public